“There is always a rainbow after the rain” A London escort LIFE



Life is not easy there will always be a struggle to face. Many people have experienced difficulties and struggles in life, but they have to keep fighting because that is the right thing to do. One of the famous sayings is that difficult roads often leads us to beautiful destinations in life. Not all people are born rich that they need to live life comfortably, there are just some people who live poorly but still kicking. But some people would think that when you are poor, there is no chance for you to be successful, it’s like being a course to you and you have no chance to change it. And that is why maybe we saw many people who have become lazy because they are tired of striving and nothing change. We saw many people who are just contented with their situation and did not try to make a difference. Life is not always like that, the world is evolving and so your life too. There is no forever, everything change if you like it also. There will be the difference in your life, and you only have to do is make a move. You have to think and think many times. You have to sacrifice even if it would cause you too much pain because that will always be life, what you plant is what you sow. The sweeter you harvest if you care for it. So, if you want to bore your sacrifices, learn to wait and be patient, everything blooms in the right time.


I know it since I have been poor for years. Before I become what I am now and live comfortably, I was once poor. Living that life is hard, every day is like dealing with hell, and you do not know who to trust. And because of too much poverty, sometimes I cannot eat and sleep hungry. I can still recall the times I cried and tell myself that one day I could get out of this world.


And when I got the chance, I have grabbed it no matter what it takes. So, many times I have doubted myself for doing something but being an Escort in London made me realize my worth and value. I put all my energy and focus on my work. I got a good earning, so little by little I have to uplift our life. And so, I have saved more, and my life is more comfortable than ever. Good thing to me that our situation becomes my inspiration. I have this fighting spirit to become someone in the future and so if I did it, and also you. You have to be healthy and confident in life.

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