Where do I see myself in a few years from now?

When Joe, a date at Ascot escorts asked me where I see myself in a few years, I did not realise it would mean that I would start a business. Until Joe said that, I had not even contemplated what I would do after I had finished my career with Ascot escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/ascot-escorts. It is not really the sort of thing that you sit around and think about when you are escorting. But Joe’s comment certainly made me think.

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A couple of days later, I was having a day off from Ascot escorts. The weather was terrible, and I ended up sitting in front of my lap top just searching the Internet for anything exciting. I came a cross a couple of sites which offered information on how to invest in your money, but everything seemed to be aimed at men. It did not do anything for me, and I realised that I did not really want to deal with a man when it came to finances.


I knew that Joe, my date at Ascot escorts, was a financial adviser.  The next time he came around to see me at the escort agency, I asked him how I could become a financial adviser. He seemed a little bit surprised but I told him that I had this rather crazy business idea. When I told him that I thought about starting my own financial web site for women, he smiled and said that it was a brilliant idea.


A couple of weeks later, I took a day off from Ascot escorts midweek and sat down to talk to Joe about everything. He seemed a bit surprised when I phoned him up to ask him out for lunch, but he did take two hours out of his busy day to spend with me. By the time lunch ended, I knew a lot more about finances and was happy to start to save up for my qualification.


Today, I have my own website about finances for women, and it focuses solely on their needs. Women invest their money in a totally different way than men do. Joe and I are very good friends and I work out of his offices. At first it was very strange to have left Ascot escorts to become a financial adviser, but now I am used to my new lifestyle. Many of the girls who work for Ascot escorts like to invest with me, but I am getting clients from other sources as well, Women do like to work together, and I know that there are some very financially savvy ladies out there who like to look after their money. Do they know that they are using the invest advice from a girl from Ascot escorts? I don’t think that they do at all, and I am not sure that they would care if they knew. They do actually seem to trust me, and that is a very good feeling when it all comes down to it.

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